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Dog Bite Attorney in Columbus

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Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend, but they are still animals and their behavior can be unpredictable. When a dog gets scared, excited, or territorial, it can bite or attack, causing serious injuries.

If you or your child has been bitten or harmed by a dog in Columbus or Harris County, GA, you should speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer right away. Because Georgia's dog bite statutes are complex, you will need experienced legal counsel to help you explore your options and recover the compensation you are entitled to by law.

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Our Columbus personal injury attorney has been litigating dog bite cases for over two decades and can help you and your family recover from this deeply traumatic incident.

Understanding Georgia's Dog Bite Statute

Georgia is a “negligence” state when it comes to dog bite laws. This means you will have to show the dog owner's carelessness is responsible for your injuries. One way you can do this is by proving the dog owner should have known about their dog's dangerous or aggressive tendencies.

For example, a person who is walking a dog off-leash should know their animal might be difficult to control. If the area where the person was walking their dog had leash laws, these laws can help establish the owner's knowledge and carelessness.

Similarly, anyone whose dog has bitten someone or behaved aggressively before must take extra care in preventing similar behavior in the future. If the dog that bit you or your child has a bad reputation, you can use this to prove the owner's negligence.

Using decades of experience and proven strategies like the one outlined above, our Columbus injury lawyer can help you win your case.

How Do You Prove a Dog Bite Claim in Columbus?

When proving a dog bite claim, we help you show the following:

  • The dog or animal was dangerous or vicious
  • The owner of the dog was careless and allowed the attack to happen
  • The dog or animal was attacked without provocation
  • You were legally allowed to be in the place when the attack occurred

Every situation, of course, will be different. Our firm is familiar with local laws, including leash laws, and takes the time to truly get to know you and your case. If you are someone who once loved dogs and now fears them, for instance, we can help you recover compensation for your trauma.

You might choose to use the money for therapy, or to begin a new life as a cat person. Once you have the resources you can need, you can begin to recover in the way you see fit.

Whatever your goals are, you can rest assured that our dog bite attorney is dedicated to helping you achieve them.

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While you will make all the important decisions regarding your case, we will make sure you have personalized support throughout. Whether you choose to take our advice or not, we will be on your side every step of the way and offer our compassion and knowledge to you whenever you need it.


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