Car Accident And Dram Shop

A drunk driver and the business that sold the alcohol to the driver.


Car Accident

Total recovery for a mother and two minor children who suffered orthopedic injuries when they were struck by a driver distracted while texting on a cellphone.


Transportation Negligence

A private transport company employee closed a metal latch on a man’s toe, which led to infection and amputation.


Delivery Van Collision

We were able to resurrect this case from a prior attorney’s neglect and overcame a Defense Motion for Summary Judgment that would have dismissed the case. The settlement was reached four months later through mediation.


Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident resulting in knee surgery and severe road rash.


Dog Attack

Two dogs that regularly roamed the neighborhood tried to attack our client’s dog on the street. In order to rescue her small dog, our client picked up her small dog and held it to her chest shielding it from the attacking animals that jumped on our client knocking her to the ground causing a broken hip.