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Causes of blind spot accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Car Accidents

You cannot completely rely on a vehicle’s mirrors to show you everything next to or behind you. On top of that, elements of a vehicle’s cabin can block your vision. This is why everyone is taught to “check their blind spots” when learning to drive in Georgia. Blind spot accidents can cause plenty of damage and injuries. For this reason, all drivers have an obligation to monitor their blind spots for the sake of avoiding collisions.

Where blind spot accidents happen

For the most part, blind spot accidents occur on multiple-lane roads where two or more lanes of traffic are traveling in the same direction. A vehicle moves alongside another vehicle and enters a place where the other driver cannot easily see it due to the limitations of mirrors. Large packages, bundles or passengers could also block a driver’s view.

As soon as the vehicle slightly ahead of the vehicle in the blind spot changes lanes, a collision occurs unless a driver is able to evade the crash. Merges also represent a type of lane change that produces blind spot accidents.

Blind spots and big rigs

Tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks have bigger blind spots due to their shape and size. Big rig accidents involving blind spots largely occur due to a truck driver failing to physically look before changing lanes. A physical look with the eyes is the only way to overcome the shortcomings of mirrors.

All drivers can help each other avoid blind spot accidents not only by checking their blind spots but thinking about the blind spots of other drivers. When driving alongside another vehicle, ask yourself if you might be in that vehicle’s blind spot. Cultivating the habit of staying out of blind spots reduces your risk of a crash.