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Preventing Georgia slip and falls

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Slip And Falls

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that around 1 million slip and fall injuries occur yearly in Georgia. Of these injuries, about 50,000 require medical attention or a prolonged hospital stay. Georgia has premises liability laws, so homeowners should care about the dangers of slips and falls.

What is premises liability?

As a homeowner, you are legally responsible for the safety of most people who come onto your property. But your level of responsibility depends on your relationship with the injured person.

If the injured person is on your property with permission, you’re likely responsible if that person takes a tumble. But if the person is a trespasser, you’re unlikely liable if they slip and fall.


All slips and falls can possibly cause injury. However, some injuries are more life-threatening than others. For example, a bump to the head can cause a traumatic brain injury, a concussion or a skull fracture. You can’t always prevent a person from taking a fall. But you can take steps to make your home safer.

Secure throw rugs

A person can trip and fall over a throw rug that’s not secured. You can use adhesive tape or a rug pad to keep a throw rug in place. Another safety precaution is to use a throw rug that has a no-slip bottom.

Repair cracked or uneven surfaces

Stairs and walkways that are uneven or damaged are safety hazards. This applies to any stairs or walkways on your property – not just those on the outside.

Keep paths clear

Anything that someone can trip over is a hazard. Trip hazards include things such as power cords, clutter and badly-placed furniture. Make sure that hallways and other walking areas are clear of trip hazards.

If someone has a slip and fall in your home, you might have to pay for their medical expenses and other related costs. The best thing is to maintain a safe home where slips and falls are less likely to occur.