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Construction Accidents Caused By Improper Training

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Firm News

Construction Accidents Caused By Improper Or Inadequate Training

Debilitating injuries and fatal injury incidents at work happen more often than many people think. Going off to work for the day should also include coming home in one piece but that is not always the case for every American worker. According to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in 2019 alone, 5,333 workers died while performing the duties of their job. While there are several different types of occupations where workers are more prone to having accidents that result in injuries and fatalities, the construction industry is one where some of the highest numbers of workplace accidents are reported every year. Specifically, individuals working on active construction sites have been the most vulnerable to having an accident take place that results in serious or deadly injuries.

Proper training is critical on a construction site as it can reduce the chances of an accident happening. Yet, construction accidents caused by improper or inadequate training happen all too often. Victims in these situations may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries and losses. The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC can help injured workers in Georgia with workers’ compensation claims or third-party lawsuits. Call today to learn more at 706-450-7071.

What Are the Main Causes of Construction Accidents?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists workers in construction occupations along with those in the transportation and material moving jobs as making up the most workplace fatalities in 2020. These industries can be quite dangerous with many risks associated with the work. The BLS reports that these industries combined were responsible for 47.4% of the workplace deaths reported that year. The construction industry by itself was behind 976 deaths. This means that just under 1,000 people lost their lives and families lost loved ones simply because they went to work.

There are many moving parts on a construction site as these environments tend to be bustling with heavy vehicles, different types of equipment, toxic chemicals, and open wires, to name just some of the realities of this type of workplace. As a result, there can be many reasons why a construction accident happens that lead to physical bodily harm to employees. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Human error
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Lack of protective gear
  • Violation of OSHA safety guidelines
  • Hazards on the job site such as slick surfaces or live wires
  • Construction accidents caused by improper or inadequate training

Why is it Important Not to Operate Equipment without Proper Training or Instruction?

Heavy equipment on the construction site is everywhere and is necessary to get various jobs and projects completed. But not all of these machines and apparatuses are intuitive and easy to use. Further, the implications for one’s health and well-being can be at great risk if knowledge on the proper use of construction equipment and safety procedures are lacking. To have various tasks done correctly and safely, proper training is necessary.

Before even entering a construction site and getting to work, individuals employed by various construction companies must have a thorough and full understanding of the perils that exist in such a work environment along with how to use the equipment necessary to do their jobs. To make this so, employers have a duty of care to their employees and to all that are working on their construction site to be given the right training and instruction so that the worksite can be as safe as possible for everyone. Remember, operating a machine on a construction site improperly may not only hurt the individual in control, but it could hurt others too.

A lack of comprehensive and adequate training can cause severe physical bodily harm if a misstep or mistake happens. Consider the following ways that insufficient training can happen which put workers at great risk of harm:

  • Not providing any scheduled training to new employees on how to use the equipment.
  • Not regularly offering employees refresher courses and training sessions for safe use of equipment.
  • Not monitoring employees to identify situations where equipment is not being used correctly.
  • Not vetting new employees to ensure they are qualified to work in the open position.
  • Not teaching and reviewing OSHA guidelines.
  • Not providing employees with the right safety gear or failing to flag instances where employees are not using the established safety gear.
  • Not assessing the worksite to remedy areas where there are unnecessary hazards.

Any of these situations and more can lead to a serious injury accidents taking place. Employees who are injured on the job have rights and for more information on what those rights are and how to recover losses, the Columbus personal injury attorney at The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC offers support and resourceful assistance.

Speak with a Workplace Accident Attorney Today

There is the potential for major health and wellness implications for employees who are not given the instruction and education necessary to effectively and safely perform the duties of their job. This includes using construction equipment the right way with the appropriate safety gear. Construction accidents caused by improper or inadequate training happen at an alarming rate causing great physical harm to those employed in the construction industry. These incidents do not have to happen and can be reduced with diligent and responsible training practices. Everyone on a construction site is at risk for injuries or death when just one worker lacks the training necessary to engage in the duties of their highly physical job.

When construction workers are not provided with the right training or are working in an environment with little to no oversight, a catastrophic construction accident can happen. Victims in these situations may be able to secure financial compensation for their losses. Working with an attorney licensed to practice, knowledgeable of state law, and experienced with construction accidents can help victims obtain the compensation necessary to aid in recovering from injuries and moving on with their lives. For more information on how to identify liable parties that may be responsible for fairly compensating victims for their damages after a workplace accident, please call The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC at 706-450-7071.

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