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The human body is fragile, and there are a thousand ways to harm it. A serious personal injury can brutally interrupt the tranquility of your life and replace it with pain, shock, and mounting medical bills. Add to that the outrage that arises once you realize that all of this happened because of someone else’s misconduct, and you have a situation that demands justice. Mark Casto Personal Injury Law Firm is here for you during this challenging time.

Our expertise spans a diverse range of fields, from motor vehicle accidents to medical malpractice. Our legal team is dedicated to getting the justice and compensation accident victims deserve after a personal injury in Americus, Georgia. 

You don’t have to deal with the stress of holding at-fault parties accountable while focusing on recovering. Our Americus personal injury attorney is here for you if another’s negligence or wrongdoing injures you in Americus, GA. Contact our Americus personal injury lawyer or call (706) 940-4030 for a free consultation and to learn more about how our team can help you after an accident. 

How Mark Casto Can Help You Win Your Americus Personal Injury Claim

How Mark Casto Can Help You Win Your Americus Personal Injury Claim

Mark Casto Personal Injury Law Firm is no ordinary personal injury law firm. Mark Casto has argued before the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals, where he is undefeated in all appeals where he presented arguments in person. Our Americus personal injury lawyer can bring these persuasive skills to work for you as we pursue a fair settlement or represent you in court. 

The following are some of the ways our Americus personal injury lawyer can help you win your Americus, GA personal injury claim:

  • Find the right expert witness to help you prove your claim.
  • Research previous case law to find legal precedents that support your claim.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation to uncover overlooked evidence.
  • Craft a personalized legal strategy that is responsive to your individual needs and priorities.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to demand a fair settlement.
  • Provide you with emotional and moral support.
  • Handle all communications with the opposing party and promptly report them to you.
  • File a lawsuit if necessary.
  • Draft an airtight settlement agreement.

Our Americus personal injury lawyer is prepared to help you in a variety of ways as you pursue just compensation. Contact our legal team today to get started.   

How Long Do I Have to Bring a Personal Injury Claim?

The statute of limitations deadline is the deadline for filing a lawsuit over a personal injury claim. In Georgia, you typically have two years to bring a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations expires. If you fail to meet it, you can no longer enforce it in court, and you may be unable to recover damages.  

To recover compensation, you will need to settle your claim or file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. An experienced Americus personal injury lawyer can help you avoid missing critical deadlines for your case. 

What Types of Compensation Can I Seek for a Personal Injury Claim? 

Georgia law offers two different types of compensation–economic and non-economic damages

Economic damages include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost earnings;
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as child care; and
  • Property damage (vehicle damage due to a car wreck, for example)

Non-economic damages include (but are not limited to):

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • Disfigurement

Under certain circumstances, you can obtain a third type of damages–punitive damages. Punitive damages seek to punish the defendant and deter similar conduct in the future.

What if I’m Partially At Fault for the Accident? 

Georgia is a modified comparative negligence state. As long as you were less than 50% at fault, you can still recover compensation for your injuries. Nevertheless, you will lose whatever percentage of your compensation equals your percentage of fault. If you were 30% at fault, for example, you would lose 30% of your compensation.

What are Some Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

We have extensive experience helping accident victims in a variety of accident cases, including the following: 

Car Accidents 

Car accidents are by far the most common type of personal injury claim. These accidents are often coupled with extensive property damage (car repair or replacement) claims.

Truck Accidents 

Truck accident claims can involve complex issues of liability and insurance. Fortunately, truck driver defendants almost always carry enough insurance coverage to pay any personal injury claim against them. 

Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycle accidents generate higher death rates than even truck accidents. In most cases, the accident occurs because the motorist who caused the accident simply wasn’t watching out for motorcycles.

Bicycle Accidents 

Bicycle accidents can be deadly. Bicyclists often cannot accelerate out of trouble to avoid an accident. The most common causes of roadway bicycle accidents are vehicle collisions and road hazards. 

Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrians do not always have the right of way, but they are almost always the parties most seriously injured in any accident involving them. Unlike motorcyclists and bicyclists, pedestrians don’t even have helmets to protect them.

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slip and fall claims are claims about injuries that occur on someone else’s property. A business owner might bear liability, for example, for failing to inspect the property for latent dangers before opening it up to customers. 

Premises Liability 

Premises liability is the liability that an owner of real property carries with respect to guests on their property. A premises liability personal injury claim arises when you suffer an accident due to an unreasonably dangerous condition on someone else’s property. A slip and fall accident, as mentioned above, is one example. Many other types of accidents can rely on premises liability. 

Product Liability Claims 

A product liability claim arises when someone suffers an injury caused by a defective and unreasonably dangerous product. You don’t have to prove that the defendant was at fault to win.

Pharmaceutical Drug Claims 

Pharmaceutical drug claims are a special category of product liability claims that arise when someone suffers an injury from a defective drug. These claims do not arise because a doctor misprescribed the wrong drug, for example–that is a medical malpractice claim.

Medical Malpractice 

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or other healthcare professional treats a patient in a substandard manner. Surgical errors and misdiagnosis are two of many possible examples. 

Workplace Accidents

Workers’ compensation might cover a workplace injury. An injured party might also be able to sue a third party who caused the accident or was responsible for it.

Dog Bites 

You can sue the owner of the dog that bites or attacks you and potentially recover damages. Homeowners’ insurance may cover dog bite claims.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are both intentional torts, meaning that the defendant must have specifically intended the harmful conduct. An example of an assault would be to point a gun at you, if you are aware of it and believe it is loaded. An example of a battery would be to pull the trigger. 

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is what a personal injury claim is if the victim dies from their injuries. Additional damages may apply to wrongful death claims that allow the family of the deceased to recover compensation. 

Nursing Home Abuse 

Nursing home abuse comes in two forms—active and passive. Active nursing home abuse involves specific acts, including physical abuse and sexual abuse-–that are harmful to a resident. Nursing home neglect is a passive form of abuse that occurs when nursing home staff fail to clean, bathe, or aid a helpless patient.

Construction Accidents 

There are two types of construction accident claims. One is a no-fault workers’ compensation claim against your employer. The other is a fault-based claim against a third party–a negligence claim against the owner of a construction site, for example.

Boating Accidents

A boating accident might arise from operator negligence, “BUI” (boating under the influence of intoxicants), or operator inexperience. On other occasions equipment failure is to blame, raising the specter or product liability.

Burn Injuries 

Burn injury claims address injuries caused by fire, chemicals, or electricity. These accidents often raise questions about general negligence or safety violations.

Brain Injuries 

Brain injuries often result in permanent disability. These injuries also result in diminished earning capacity or even forced early retirement.

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