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Scooter accidents lead to harm

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

E-scooters have become very popular among micro-mobility enthusiasts. Georgia riders may take safety issues for granted if they’ve avoided an accident. However, mishaps occur, and a scooter operator could fall. Collisions with vehicles and bicyclists might cause such woes. A fall from a scooter could result in a harsh landing and serious injuries.

E-scooter falls

Falling off a scooter could result in severe harm because the impact may resemble a motorcycle crash. One reason a scooter accident could be worse than a normal slip-and-fall accident is the speed the scooter rider travels. Someone who hits an object and falls off a scooter at 15 mph may experience a harsh impact on a hard road surface.

In 2022, the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery gave the average scooter injury a severity ranking of 4 based on emergency room visit data. Injuries can vary from person to person, but broken limbs, lacerations, or skull fractures are possible. One unexpected event could turn a scooter ride into a life-changing event.

Negligence and scooter injuries

The aftermath of a scooter accident may focus on investigating negligence as a prelude to a personal injury lawsuit. A driver who commits a moving violation before hitting a scooter rider could be liable for the accident. The same could be true when someone leaves obstructions in the road, and the scooter rider hits it.

Riders must also follow all applicable state laws when operating a scooter. A scooter rider who hits another scooter rider may face a lawsuit if they were negligent.

In some situations, such as collisions involving vehicles, an insurance settlement may address the civil claim. In other scenarios, filing a lawsuit might be necessary.