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Why motorcycle crashes are so dangerous

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any collision involving a car or motorcycle on a Georgia road or highway may result in property damage, bodily injury or death. However, motorcycle riders are generally more vulnerable to property damage or bodily injury because they are less protected than car passengers.

Helmets and leather aren’t enough

In most cases, the only things that riders have to protect themselves are helmets and leather clothing. Wearing leather keeps a biker’s skin from making direct contact with the road or other hard surfaces. In addition to guarding your head, a quality helmet may also prevent objects from hitting you in the face or eyes in the aftermath of any Georgia motorcycle accidents. Of course, these items alone won’t do much to protect against broken bones, internal bleeding or other serious injuries.

Motorcycles are less stable

Motorcycles are on two wheels, which makes them difficult to keep upright without help from a stand or from the rider. In a collision with a car, they are more likely to fall over, which means that the operator is more likely to fall as well. You may also find that it’s harder to stay upright if you apply the brakes too hard in an effort to avoid a collision with a car. In addition to the risk of serious injuries, a motorcycle that tips over may be at risk of significant damage.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident of any kind, you may be entitled to a financial award. This may be true if the crash occurred because another party was fatigued, distracted or impaired when it took place. While most accident cases settle, you may also be within your rights to take the matter to court.

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