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Steps to take after suffering a slip-and-fall accident

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Slip And Falls

Georgia property owners are responsible for keeping their premises clear of hazards; otherwise, a person can get into a slip-and-fall accident and suffer serious injuries. If you get into such a situation, here are steps to protect your interests.

Determine what caused the accident

Slip-and-falls don’t happen for no reason; even if you’re in pain, it’s crucial to assess the situation and determine what caused your accident. Maybe there were obstacles on the floor that shouldn’t have been there. Was there a wet, slippery floor without warnings posted? Whatever the case, knowing the cause of your slip-and-fall helps when you file a personal injury claim.

Document everything

Documentation is important after you suffer an accident. Take photos of the scene and write down whatever you remember from the slip-and-fall by keeping a journal. You might even want to take photos of your injuries if they’re visible.

Speak to witnesses

Locate witnesses in the area and speak with them. Get their names, contact information and statements. If you file an injury claim, they can be contacted for additional statements about how the slip-and-fall accident occurred.

Seek medical attention

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you’re injured, this allows you to get treatment so you can heal faster. It also allows you to have evidence in the form of medical records and shows that you have suffered an injury due to a premises liability situation.

File a report

File an injury report with the place where your accident occurred. Ask for a manager to help with this; most businesses have forms available just for such incidents.

Taking these steps can help protect you after a slip-and-fall accident.