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Understanding Shoulder Injuries: Signs, Types, and Recovery

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Firm News

We often see clients who have suffered severe trauma to the shoulder joint after a motor vehicle collision or fall. It’s important to understand the injury and its impact on your life, as well as the legal aspects of an injury claim. Our experience with these injuries most often involves several different types of shoulder injuries.

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint with three main bones:

  1. Upper arm bone (humerus)
  2. Collarbone (clavicle)
  3. Shoulder blade (scapula)

With greater mobility than any other joint in the body, the shoulder is a very complex joint. It is comprised of a large number of muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold the joint together, control the movement of the joint, and keep the joint’s bones in place.

This complexity is what makes the shoulder susceptible to injury in a car accident. Each of the numerous connective tissues and muscular tissues mentioned above have very specific responsibilities and control mechanisms involved in the arm’s movement. So, any related injury will likely result in severe pain, as well as reduction in the joint’s movement and proper functioning.

Identifying the Signs of a Shoulder Injury

Pain is a warning sign. It tells you that you have been injured and may need treatment. Shoulder injuries have very specific types of pain, and knowing these signs will help you identify an underlying issue that requires medical attention. As with many serious injuries, seeking that attention as soon as possible is essential for a full and swift recovery.

Common symptoms of shoulder injury include:

  • Pain triggered by pressure, often when lying down
  • Radiating pain down the arm
  • Numbness in the arm, hand, and/or fingers
  • Loss of strength
  • Sharp pain with certain movements
  • Constant, dull ache in the shoulder area
  • Swelling, bruising, or discoloring in the shoulder area

In our experience, clients with shoulder injuries experience multiple symptoms of varying degrees. A qualified medical practitioner will evaluate those symptoms and provide a proper diagnosis.

Shoulder injuries that some of our clients have sustained after an accident include:

  • Muscle tear, often to the rotator cuff or labrum
  • Bone fracture
  • Joint separation, bruises, contusions, strains, and sprains
  • Nerve injury from an impingement

Pain relievers as the only form of treatment will not heal the source of the injury and may prolong recovery. The injury itself must be treated as soon as possible for maximum recovery.

Have You Sustained a Shoulder Injury? Our Legal Support Can Facilitate Your Recovery.

Managing and recovering from a shoulder injury is difficult for many of our clients. Often, people with shoulder injuries require surgery, but they avoid this due to excessive costs and potential time away from work. They may experience lost income, substantial limitations on daily activities and hobbies, and an overall inability to enjoy everything life has to offer. If you sustained a shoulder injury because of someone else’s negligence, The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC is ready to help you attain the compensation you deserve.

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