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Personal Injury Process

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Each case is just as unique as the people involved in them. However, they generally have the same process. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accidentslip and fall accidentproduct liability accident, or a dog bite incident, your case will start in the “Pre-Litigation” stage.

Step One: Initial Investigation

This meeting will be between you, the injured, and Mr. Casto. It will allow the attorney to get a fill for you as a person, your case, and your medical treatment history. We want you to be open and honest about every detail regarding your case. During this meeting, Mr. Casto will discuss with you the process and potential value of your case, gather all photos and reports, as well as any medical records you have regarding the accident.

Step Two: File Management Process

During this stage, your file will be created with all of your initial information. We will also notify the liability insurance carrier of our representation in your case. If you have already completed your medical treatment, we will notify your medical providers of our representation and request all bill and records that relate to this incident. If you have not completed treatment, we will wait to order records until you notify us. This ensures that we receive all necessary records.

Step Three: Demand Department

Once we receive all of your treatment records, we will prepare a demand letter and settlement package to be sent to the insurance company of the opposing party. This letter will include an outline of the incident, summary of your treatment and medical bills, lost wages verification (if applicable), as well as how this incident has affected you personally. After the demand is sent, your file will be placed in Attorney Casto’s office while it awaits reply from the insurance adjuster.

Step Four: Settlement Negotiations and Disbursements

When the demand is sent, the insurance company has approximately 30 days to review your records and prepare an offer on your case. The initial offer is always a low-blow so the negotiation period may exceed 30 days. Once Attorney Casto feels an offer is acceptable, he will personally contact you with the offer and how much you will receive before accepting anything. You have full authority when it comes to your case. If you accept the offer in the pre-litigation stage, we will work with the insurance company to obtain your settlement check. If you do not accept an offer, your case may be filed with the courts and we will discuss this with you before suit is filed.

If you have been injured, please give Mark a call at 706-450-7071! We cannot wait to help you.

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