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Improper cargo loading can cause a crash

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in Georgia are often caused by improper cargo loading. When cargo is loaded incorrectly, it can make the truck more difficult to handle. The truck might respond to certain things in a way the driver doesn’t expect and cannot control. Here are some types of improper loading and potential problems.

Load is unsecured

An unsecured load isn’t correctly tied down. The cargo moving around could make the truck difficult to control. The driver could crash because the cargo keeps shifting. Other drivers are also at risk, as the cargo could fall off the truck. Drivers might have to swerve to avoid the cargo and get into an accident. The cargo could also land on someone’s car and cause damages or injuries.

Load is unbalanced

An unbalanced load negatively impacts the weight distribution of the cargo. It makes the truck uneven, which can affect other parts of the truck. For example, a truck’s tires and suspension could fail because of the strain caused by an unbalanced load.

Unbalanced loading is even more of a threat when there’s too much weight on either side of the truck. A simple turn could cause the truck to roll over. The brakes could also lock and cause the truck to jackknife. Both of these situations can lead to devastating truck accidents.

Load is overweight

Manufacturers give their trucks a gross vehicle weight rating. The weight rating indicates the maximum weight the truck can transport. A truck driver must stop at weigh stations to ensure the load isn’t too heavy. If the weight exceeds the limit, the truck could go down inclines faster than normal. The truck might also require braking power beyond the truck’s capabilities.

Properly loaded cargo is important

Trucking companies and truck drivers are responsible for putting safe trucks on the road. This includes making sure cargo is loaded correctly for every trip.