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Motorcycle crashes and their causes

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists may appreciate the speed and power their bikes provide. However, these enthusiasts must be careful when traveling on Georgia roads because a collision could leave them with severe injuries. Motorcycle riders lack numerous protections cars provide, so their chosen mode of transportation comes with great risk. Understanding how common motorcycle accidents happen might lead them to ride more defensively.

Motorcycle accident factors

Motorcyclists face dangers associated with blind spots, and blind spots may be worse when drivers perform left-hand turns. A driver might take an intersection for granted and turn left without looking. A driver who doesn’t see any cars or trucks but never checks for motorcycles could make an error that leads to a fatality.

Of course, scores of motorcycle accidents result from motorcyclists’ improper behavior. Speeding ranks as one of the most common and dangerous behaviors a motorcyclist could perform, as it becomes easier to lose control of a bike at high speeds. Head-on collisions and spinouts from taking a turn too fast might happen when a motorcyclist speeds.

After a collision

The injuries a motorcyclist suffers vary based on the crash’s specifics. Road burns, traumatic head injuries, broken bones and worse often result from these collisions. Motorcyclists may require extensive medical care when hit by a negligent driver. Of course, the same could apply to a driver hurt by an at-fault motorcyclist.

Certain situations might point out whose behavior was reckless, such as a lane-splitting motorcyclist who then cuts off a vehicle. Other accidents could require more extensive investigations to determine fault. Ultimately, the at-fault party may face a civil claim for their negligence.