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Be Proactive with Christmas Crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Firm News

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Unfortunately, it’s the peak time for criminal activity as well. While you’re out buying Christmas gifts, criminals are planning their next big “hit.” They take advantage of the seasonal chaos and people’s giving nature.

Here are the top five most common holiday crimes:

  1. Identity theft- Make sure anytime you’re online shopping, you are on a secure network. Also, make sure you keep a close eye on your statements, balance your checkbook, and review your credit reports to make sure there isn’t any unexpected charges.
  2. Shoplifting- Large crowds, major sales, and distracted workers- this is the type of surroundings criminals love. If you’re a business owner, train your employees on the “signs” of shoplifting during this chaotic season.
  3. Burglary and Robbery- Christmas bonuses and tons of presents under the tree? All the more reason to obtain a concealed carry permit. Learn more about getting your license here.
  4. Vehicle Theft- The obvious is sometimes forgotten when you’re rushing from store-to-store to get every gift on your list, but don’t forget to lock your cars. When you leave that nice, new Keurig in the car but remember you forgot the K-Cups to go with it, criminals are waiting for you to “slip up.” They would love to have a shiny new coffee maker or the cash when they sell it!
  5. Drunk Driving- Holiday parties are the best. My personal favorite is the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. According to Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, “during the 2014 holiday travel period in Georgia, there were 14 traffic deaths in only 102 hours from 6 p.m. on December 24 to midnight on December 28. During all of 2014, there were 8,931 alcohol-involved traffic crashes in Georgia that resulted in 5,250 injuries and 165 injuries.” Be alert while traveling to grandma’s house after work. And if you’re leaving your office Christmas party, think twice about driving if you’ve had even just one drink.

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