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$1.5 Million Car Accident And Dram Shop

A drunk driver and the business that sold the alcohol to the driver.

$1.027 Million Car Accident

Total recovery for a mother and two minor children who suffered orthopedic injuries when they were struck by a driver distracted while texting on a cellphone.

$1 Million Transportation Negligence

A private transport company employee closed a metal latch on a man’s toe, which led to infection and amputation.

$878,000 Car Accident

The client suffered severe post-concussive syndrome and orthopedic injuries.

$775,000 Delivery Van Collision

We were able to resurrect this case from a prior attorney’s neglect and overcame a Defense Motion for Summary Judgment that would have dismissed the case. The settlement was reached four months later through mediation.

$450,000 Motor Vehicle Accident


Car wreck resulting in back surgery.

$355,000 For Injuries In High-Speed Collision In Rural Community

Our client was injured when another driver negligently parked his vehicle along a rural highway. His vehicle was concealed by the natural terrain. Our client was unable to take action to avoid the collision and suffered fractured bones in his lower leg.

$300,000 Motor Wreck Case

Failure to maintain a safe distance and following too close.

$295,000 Multiple Dog Attack

Two dogs that regularly roamed the neighborhood tried to attack our client’s dog on the street. In order to rescue her small dog, our client picked up her small dog and held it to her chest shielding it from the attacking animals that jumped on our client knocking her to the ground causing a broken …

$185,000 Dog Bite Injury

$185,000 settlement for a lady who was getting the mail from her mailbox at the end of the driveway when she was bitten and suffered multiple scratches from a large mix breed dog while she was trying to protect her small Yorkie breed dog from being attacked by the larger animal.

$100,000 Dog Bite Injury

$100,000 settlement (insurance policy limits) in a case where a lady was bitten three times on the leg by an unleashed cocker spaniel as she was out jogging in her neighborhood.

$110,000 MVA Caused By Police Car

The client was struck by a police car that was responding to an emergency call but failed to follow the proper policies and procedures causing a collision with our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered a broken arm in the incident. Read On

$450,000 Truck Accident Case

The driver was traveling too fast for the conditions (wet roadway).

$395,000 Trucking Accident Case

A truck driver failed to yield the right of way.

$395,000 Nursing Home Neglect Case

Failure to monitor and treat pressure bedsores.

$285,000 Car Accident Case

Failure to yield the right of way.

$285,000 Nursing Home Neglect Case

Failure to follow care plan by failure to take necessary fall precautions.

$265,000 Car Accident Case

Failure to maintain safe distance and following too close.

$262,500 Slip-And-Fall Knee Injury

Premise liability: slip and fall.

$255,000 Car Accident Case

Failure to maintain safe distance and following too close.

$250,000 Car Accident Case

Failure to maintain lane and driving too fast for conditions.

$225,000 Car Wreck Negligence

Our client suffered a head injury with resulting PTSD.

$225,000 Car Accident

The client suffered an aggravation of a back injury when struck in a parking lot by another person driving under the influence of alcohol.

$165,000 Dog Bite

The client suffered multiple bite/puncture wounds from the attack of a neighborhood dog while she was out on her evening exercise walk.

$89,000 Car Wreck With Soft Tissue Damage

The client was involved in a low-speed minor damage car wreck with the client suffering soft tissue whiplash injury. The highest verdict for a case like this in the history of Harris County, Georgia.

$25,000 Client 1

Client 1: $25,000 (after a top-rated Atlanta lawyer recommended a settlement of $5,000).

$25,000 Client 2

Client 2: $25,000 (after a top-rated Atlanta lawyer recommended a settlement of $5,000).

Confidential Sexual Harassment Case

Successful resolution for the client versus a Georgia Senator in a sexual harassment case.