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Why road rage is so dangerous and how to avoid it

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many factors can lead to car accidents in Georgia. Road rage is one of the biggest causes of otherwise preventable collisions. When a driver loses their temper and focuses their ire on another vehicle and its occupants, the results can be devastating. It’s crucial to know why road rage is so dangerous and how to avoid it.

Why road rage occurs

A variety of factors can lead to road rage. One of the primary reasons is stress. A driver can be preoccupied by a distressing situation and lose their temper while on the road. An exacerbation of emotions can lead to drivers blowing up into fury due to traffic issues, running late or another driver’s actions. For example, someone can boil over into road rage after another vehicle abruptly cuts them off.

Road rage can take on many forms. A driver may erratically weave in and out of lanes, cut off other drivers, tailgate, excessively honk, shout obscenities, make obscene gestures and even leave their vehicle to confront another driver. All these actions and others can lead to potentially deadly motor vehicle accidents.

Dangers of road rage

Road rage poses a danger to everyone on the road. In addition to accidents, road rage can lead to different actions that can cause severe injury or death. If a driver follows another vehicle and causes them to stop, they can commit an act of violence. Some road rage situations end with a victim getting assaulted or shot.

If you recognize that you’re irritable or tired when planning to drive, it may be best to skip your ride until you feel better. Road conditions, traffic and other drivers can worsen your mood. However, if you must get behind the wheel, temper yourself and be mindful of your driving. Keep a level head and don’t engage drivers who appear aggressive.