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What are the most common slip-and-fall accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Slip And Falls

Slip-and-fall accidents rank as one of the most common ways that Georgia residents can be harmed. Although property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that their premises are kept in reasonably safe condition, some neglect to take the proper precautions. These are the most common injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents.

Broken bones

Although broken bones are more likely to occur in elderly individuals who slip and fall, anyone can suffer that type of injury in such an accident. A person might break their wrist if they manage to get their hand out to break their fall. A fractured kneecap or broken hip can also happen with a slip-and-fall accident.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are also common in slip-and-fall accidents that don’t result in broken bones. A person can suffer a tear or strain on their muscles, tendons or ligaments, causing serious pain. They may also have swelling, stiffness, bruising and even permanent damage with these injuries.


Slip-and-fall accidents often cause a victim to fall in an awkward position. As a result, sprained wrists and ankles are common injuries. Although not as serious as fractures, sprains can cause significant pain and limited range of motion, which can impact the victim’s way of getting around until they fully heal.

Traumatic brain injuries

A person can also suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a slip-and-fall. If the accident causes them to fall backward and land on the back of their head, it can cause a concussion or an even more severe head injury. In some cases, depending on the situation, a TBI can lead to a secondary injury. These injuries require immediate medical attention.

Slip-and-fall accidents can significantly change a person’s life. Although some injuries may be mild and temporary, others can be catastrophic and permanent.

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