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Permanent disability and car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Car Accidents

Permanent disability and car accidents are rare occurrences after car accidents, but they do happen. Unfortunately, these permanent injuries have life-long consequences that affect both the victim and their families. While every car accident can be devastating, those leading to permanent disabilities are exponentially tragic. A permanent disability can affect an individual’s relationships, work opportunities, and quality of life. Reach out to The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC at 706-450-7071 to schedule a consultation if you have been affected by these debilitating injuries from a car accident resulting from the negligence or recklessness of another person.

Can a Car Accident Cause Problems Years Later?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that two million people in the United States are injured yearly in vehicle accidents. Often, a person will be involved in an accident and fully recover. They may be sore or injured for a few months, but with medical treatment and rehabilitation, they can return to their daily activities. However, not every accident victim is lucky. Typically, severe vehicle accidents can devastate the victim in both a financial and physical sense. These victims are left with a permanent disability that will affect them for their entire lives.

Permanent disabilities limits how an individual performs routine work and engages in daily activities they once enjoyed before the accident. As a result, these injuries will affect the individual for the remainder of their life. Injuries often range from a partial to total loss of physical movement. In some cases, the car accident victim may be able to recover compensation from the liable party. Permanent disabilities put a financial strain on the victim since they will need ongoing medical treatment and care. Also, these individuals lose income because they can no longer work a job.

How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Many car accidents yield minor injuries. Most individuals can expect soreness for a couple of days after the incident. Generally, the soreness will disappear after a few weeks. However, that answer often depends on the person and the type of treatment they received after an accident. Some injuries will not develop symptoms until a few days after an accident. For example, victims of traumatic brain injury often do not exhibit problems until several days after the accident. Anyone involved in a car accident should seek timely medical treatment. What might seem like a minor injury could lead to a permanent disability.

Car Accidents and Permanent Disabilities

Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the accident, permanent disabilities may include:

  • Complete or partial limb amputation
  • Paralysis caused by trauma to the spine
  • Sensory deprivations, such as blindness or deafness
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Psychological trauma
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Severe burns

While these injuries are catastrophic to the victim, they also have significant consequences for the injured party’s family and friends. Speaking to a personal injury attorney may help you determine your legal options. Schedule a consultation with the Mark Casto Law Firm today.

The Consequences of Permanent Disabilities

Permanent disabilities affect the life of the victim. Daily tasks become challenging, such as showering, cleaning, and cooking. Sometimes, the individual will need assistance to complete those simple chores and errands. Also, the person’s finances are affected by a permanent disability. Sudden injuries mean a stop to all income to the household. With mounting medical bills and other costs, there may not be a way for the person to pay their regular bills and medical expenses. When many individuals can no longer work, they will need to rely on income from the government

However, those paychecks are not enough to cover the loss of income and medical expenses. Some individuals may recover from injury, but those with permanent disabilities will need ongoing treatment and care. Expensive medical bills often burden the permanently disabled individual and their family. If the accident resulted from someone’s negligent or reckless behavior, they might be able to recover compensation from the accident. Permanent disabilities mean a change in a person’s financial situation. Those monetary losses may be hard to determine without the help of an attorney.

Can You Get Disability for Whiplash?

While whiplash might seem like a minor injury, it can sometimes cause chronic pain. Whiplash is common in car accidents according to the Mayo Clinic. Severe whiplash is known as a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury. Depending on the speed and type of crash, whiplash can cause permanent disabilities to the victim. These individuals may need lifetime medical care for both mobility and pain issues.

Those suffering from severe whiplash symptoms may be able to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The eligibility for the victim depends on their prior work history, whether the injuries prevent them from working, and the number of work credits earned to qualify for a payment. Permanent disability and car accidents do happen. Whether the individual has whiplash or a traumatic brain injury, the Social Security applications are a challenge for many families to navigate on their own. The qualifying process for these benefits is often complex, and there are no guarantees that the government will approve a request. Seeking other forms of compensation for pain and suffering may be needed to help the victims financially recover from an accident.

Legal Options for Car Accident Victims

In many cases, permanently disabled car accident victims may file a personal injury lawsuit. These individuals should consider seeking compensation for all current and future medical costs from the accident. Additionally, an accident victim can seek compensation for losing earning potential, medical care costs, and pain and suffering. Some victims can receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, but that is often not enough for a lifetime of medical care.

Speak To an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Life-changing events from a permanent disability and car accidents are rare, but it can happen to anyone. These injuries leave the victims and their families in a stressful financial situation. Anyone permanently injured in a car accident must understand their legal rights and explore compensation options. Schedule a consultation with The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC to learn what steps you can take with your personal injury case. Call 706-450-7071 to set up an appointment.