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Evidence in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case – Part 5

Posted by Mark Casto | Feb 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

The final installment of our series on necessary evidence in a car accident injury case involves incident reports. This may seem basic and obvious, but it is the most valuable document and piece of evidence available to a personal injury lawyer in a car wreck case.

In general, the police report contains much of the best evidence you can have in a car accident case. On private property, sometimes the incident report may be completed by a private security company or possibly campus police if on a university or college campus. These reports are made by individuals who are considered unbiased, impartial, and objective. The report will not only include their views and observations, but statements of those involved, witness statements, and eyewitness contact information. It is especially helpful when they document distracted driving or evidence of intoxication.

The report will usually contain a diagram of the accident which is based on statements and the physical evidence of the scene. The report will indicate who was at fault and why. Law enforcement incident reports will also include information regarding any traffic violations like speeding, failure to yield, etc. that were issued to the other driver. Incidental issues are documented as well such as: weather conditions, road conditions, speed limits, insurance information, vehicle information, the extent of property damage and the location of where the vehicle(s) were towed.

These incident reports will also state whether or not the responding officer took photographs, videos of the scene or of the individuals involved which can provide massive amounts of information beneficial to the attorney in prosecuting a car wreck injury claim. You can usually pick up a copy of the police report shortly after the accident for a nominal fee. However, it is not necessary for injured person to obtain the report on their own is a member of a service that allows us easily obtain police reports from any location in the country.

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