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A Message from Mark Casto on Law Suit Abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2017 | Firm News


Friends, Family and All Citizens of the United States of America, many of you are likely unaware that over the next two weeks, your constitutional rights are under assault through a series of bills that will be brought to the U.S. House floor. All these bills are being rushed through the House Judiciary Committee without a single hearing. This means that there is no discussion of the impact this will have on us as citizens. We are not being considered in this rush to act. No testimony was heard from anyone impacted by any of these bills. That’s where we need to step forward to make a difference, we must stand up and say “NO” to bills that limit the constitutional rights of “we the people”, as consumers, as workers, as patients, as potential patients, and as small business owners. Our constitutional rights are being quashed for the profits of major corporate America. I emphasize what my father always told me about Corporate America, “Corporations have no Soul and should never be trusted.”

If you fight for Free Speech or your Freedom to Own Firearms or your Freedom from Government Invasion of your Privacy, whatever constitutional right that hold dearly; you had better pay attention to this attack on the Judicial System because once your right to the Civil Justice System is lost, you will have no means to fight for these others constitutional rights that you treasure close to your heart.

Next Week:

  • H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act and H.R. 905, the Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act rolled together into H.R. 985. This bill would also significantly and negatively affect dangerous drug and product device litigation.

Week after that (week of March 13):

  • H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act (caps non-economic damages, eliminates joint liability for economic loss, caps fees, prohibits lawsuits against providers in product liability cases plus more; sweeping reform against healthcare lawsuits) This lawsuit limits the recovery you could demand in the event a corporation caused the death of your family member. Imagine a mother with 3 small children who has lost her husband because he died when a drunk driver of an 18 wheeler truck that hit his car and killed him. This bill would say that she is only allowed to recover $250,000 for her husband’s death. Is that fair? Are you only worth $250,000? Then what happens to this mother and her family. They go from being productive middle-class family to a fatherless family on Medicare and other government programs that we pay for with our taxes. Should we pay for this drunk driver?

Legal Organizations across the country are working hard with Republican and Democratic representatives that are aware of the dangers and friends of civil justice to ultimately defeat these bills. The effort is to keep the margin of passage as small as possible when the bills reach the Senate. Please make sure that you are helping by calling and e-mailing your member of Congress. And remember, if you are asked about any of these bills, we OPPOSE all of them. The point of having “Lawsuit Abuse Week” is to make members of Congress fatigued and pressure them to support tort reform. This is an attack on our constitutional rights. All of these bills are bad. Tell your representative to vote “no” on each bill.

You may think that this does not directly affect you so you won’t be bothered by this. But, at any time on any day, you, your spouse, your mother/father, your child or grandchild could be a victim of corporate neglect. Just in the past couple of years, numerous people were hurt or killed because of a design defect in the Chevrolet Cruise automobile wherein the car would spontaneously turn off while driving over 50mph causing car wreck s and severe injuries and death. Chevrolet engineers and corporate officers Knew about this defect and danger and determined that the repair was 49 cents per car to insert a small divider in the ignition switch; however, they chose not to re-call the vehicles because it would costs the company millions of dollars to do a nationwide recall. They simply put profits over the lives of people. This truth and evidence was discovered in a law suit brought by Cobb County parents of a young female student at Kennesaw State University who died when her car shut down causing her to lose control and crash into a tree. Chevrolet could have prevented her death by inserting a 49 cent piece into her ignition switch. She died for 49 cent profit to Corporate America!!! Ultimately when Chevrolet was exposed they finally did initiate a re-call and corrected the problem.

These bills would have prevented her parents from filing the lawsuit from ever being filed in the first place. We all drive and operate on our roads and highways. We all would still be exposed to this danger and at any time, on any day, someone would die 49 cent profit to Corporate America. The threat of these lawsuits is the only thing that keeps all of Corporate America restrained from endangering all of our lives in order to increase profits.

I’m all for stopping Law suit abuse and Fraudulent claims, but these bills attack real legitimate claims, NOT fraudulent claims. So, this does affect you. It affects all of us. Maybe not today, but it will definitely effect you the very next day after these bills become law if we fail to act now.

Send a Message to Congress:

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Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I’m always available for questions, comments or ideas.

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