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On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Firm News

Our law firm has a great experience as a Georgia Personal Injury lawyer and has noticed the trend of automobile insurance companies becoming more and more difficult when trying to resolve car wreck claims. One example is that insurance companies may obstruct consumers (and even inexperienced lawyers) in obtaining all applicable insurance policy information. In Georgia, law provides that insurance companies must provide the policy information and specifically the insurance policy limits. However, injury victims are often told that the insurance company will not give the information or that the injury victim is not entitled to certain forms of recovery. This is a great example of why we recommend that you have a competent, experienced and successful personal injury lawyer on your side when you’ve been injured in a car wreck. The Casto Law Firm knows what to look for and knows how to get you the best results for your case. Just take a look at our previous settlements here.

Our firm will fight for you and your rights in these personal injury claims by forcing the big insurance companies to comply with Georgia Law. According to Official Georgia Code 33-3-28, every insurer providing liability or causality insurance coverage in this state and which is may be liable to pay all or a part of any claim shall provide, within 60 days of receiving a written request from the claimant, a statement, under oath, is a corporate officer or the insurer’s claims manager stating with regard to each known policy of insurance issued by it, including excess or umbrella insurance, the name of the insurer, the name of each insured, and the limits of coverage. Such insurer may provide a copy of the declaration page of each such policy in lieu of providing such information.

As an experienced, Columbus, Georgia personal injury firm, we are able to obtain this information and we are aware of what to look for when it comes to receiving this information. This valuable information is used to fully investigate our client’s claims and to maximize the total financial recovery because we know how to fight the legal battle with the insurance companies.

We want you to focus on your health, recovery and getting well while we fight this legal battle for you. If you or a loved one has a personal injury case, call us at The Mark Casto Law Firm, PC 706-450-7071, today!