Georgia Product Safety Attorneys

Product manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safely designed and manufactured and that the necessary warnings are affixed to them for potential dangers. When defective or dangerous products result in serious injuries, these companies may be held liable through a product liability claim.

It is important to have an experienced lawyer to properly pursue a product liability claim. With more than 35 years of combined experience, the lawyers at The Casto Law Firm, have successfully handled product liability claims involving a wide range of products, including those involving manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects.

Columbus Defective Product Attorneys

Our firm has the ability and skill to handle a wide range of product liability cases, including those involving:

  • Seat belts, air bags and other auto parts
  • Firearms
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Industrial equipment
  • Playground equipment and toys
  • Child’s seats, cribs and toys
  • Medical equipment
  • Power tools
  • Lawn and Gardening power tools
  • Water Heaters
  • Smoke/Carbon Dioxide detectors

Every year in Georgia, people use products that are defective or dangerous and result in serious and life-threatening injuries. Improper designs, poor manufacturing and a lack of proper warnings about the potential dangers of those products are common causes of these accidents.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports over 29 million injuries related to consumer products each year.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Design Defects: A design defect case is biased on a flaw to the original creative design of the product. Often, the manufacturer will try to save costs in the product construction by designing a less safe product. For example, an automobile manufacturer designed a pick-up truck with the gas tank contained in the side panel becuase it was cheaper than placing the gas tank toward the center of the vehicle. The result was that upon a side impact collision, the pickup truck gas tank would explode and catch the vehicle on fire endangering the lives of the public.

Manufacturing Defect: This is a defect in the construction or assembly of the product. Faulty construction or failure to properly assemble the product is on of strict liability on the manufacturer. This means they are automatically at fault regardless of the intent.

Failure to Warn: A claim can be made against the manufacturer for failing to warn the public for foreseeable dangers or risks in using the product. The American National Standards Institute is responsible for regulation of safety and warning labels. Their guidelines call for a warning label to properly; 1) inform the public of existing dangers, 2) inform the public of the potential risks or the severity of the risks, 3) inform the consumer how to avoid the danger and 4) inform the consumer what to do if exposed to the danger.

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