Bicyclists and pedestrians in Georgia must share the roads with cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and many other vehicles. By the nature of having no armor for protection, Cyclist and pedestrians on or near the road can prove to be a dangerous situation when confronted with a reckless or careless motor vehicle driver. Cyclist and pedestrians who have been struck by a motor vehicle tend to suffer severe injuries and often can prove to be a fatal situation.

Despite that cyclist and pedestrians have the right to share the roadways, drivers of motor vehicle become careless in the surroundings and awareness of others which can lead to striking of and injuring of the person. In these cases, it is crucial to be aware of legal rights and the possibility of reimbursement for wage loss and medical bills from the accident.

Hiring a Columbus, Georgia accident lawyer is essential to protect the rights of those who are severely injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Of course, these accidents are only those occurring in Louisville. The CDC offers a bigger picture of bicycle accidents as a national problem. The agency’s studies show that nearly 1,000 people were killed in bicycle accidents in 2014, and almost 500,000 people sought emergency room treatment for bike injuries. Lifetime medical costs and productivity losses from both fatal and non-fatal bicycle accidents reaches approximately $10 billion a year. The figures are approximately the same for pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles.

Common Causes of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Generally, the greatest risks to cyclists and pedestrians are inattentive motor vehicle drivers. In a majority of motor vehicle crashes involving bikes, the bicyclist was riding straight ahead just prior to the crash and was struck from the rear by a motorist who was inattentive and did not notice them on the roadway. However, in roughly 30 percent of crashes, a motorist was making either a left turn or a right turn at an intersection and either failed to notice or failed to yield to the bicyclist. The majority of pedestrians being struck by a motor vehicle also involved a situation in which the motorist was making a turn and did not take the time to notice the pedestrian lawfully crossing the roadway.

There are two key factors in causing or contributing to bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents:

  1. Most of these accidents are occurring at intersections along major arterials
  2. Motorist are not seeing or yielding the right of way

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents with cars and trucks cause life-changing medical conditions for the victim, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Too often, the individual does not survive the event. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle are generally caused by motorist inattention, motorist distraction and motorist negligence, other examples are:

  • Drivers making turns or backing out of driveways and parking lots without looking;
  • Drivers opening doors without first checking for cyclists, which has the potential to seriously injure and/or throw a person into oncoming traffic;
  • Drivers failing to check blind spots when turning or changing lanes and striking cyclists;

Distraction, of the motorists, is a key factor in bicycle accidents. This is where a Columbus, Georgia bicycle and pedestrian accident lawyer can help you discover and prove the liability of your claim and the negligence of the motor vehicle drivers.

Types of Injuries Sustained

Injuries that result from bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents are often serious, and in many cases cause permanent disability or impair to the victim. The most frequent types of injuries we see in bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents are:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Severe or disfiguring lacerations or road rash burns
  • Blood vessel and tissue damage that requires amputation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Death

Cyclists and Pedestrians who survive motor collisions often face a long and painful recovery period after the trauma endured, requiring many doctor visits and possible surgery and ongoing physical therapy. We want to take the burdens of the legal issues and insurance claims off of the victim so that they can focus solely on their recovery. A person with the severe injuries which can result in bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents may also suffer lost income, which in combination with the high cost of medical care, can lead to financial ruin for the victim and the family. For these reasons, it is important that you hire a Columbus, Georgia bycylce accident and pedestrian accident lawyer that has the means and ability to help ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and attention. Call us at The Casto Law Firm at 706-940-4030 for a free consultation.